Pre-Marital Counseling


First time

This is by far some of the most important and rewarding work that we do. We help couples to get started on the right foot... developing positive attitudes, good relationship and personal habits, and healthy communication styles. They learn how to understand their emotions, communicate what they are thinking and feeling, and build the beginning of a happy and healthy relationship. 

We believe pre-marital work makes a big difference for couples. Helping couples to understand what is to be expected realistically is important. Teaching couples the tools to succeed in their relationship together is very valuable. Helping them after the problems have grown and their bad habits have formed is much more difficult than preventing the issues in the first place. Couples doing pre-marital work must be willing to take off their rose-colored glasses for a period of time; long enough to discuss some challenging questions.

By the way, this is a great pre-wedding gift.

Second marriages

Second marriages have a higher divorce rate than first marriages; therefore, it is important to learn from past experiences and mistakes, and take the enlightened understanding and awareness into your new commitment. Our positive and pro-active approach helps couples in blended families, as well as, childless situations to form the pathway for success. Come learn from the past, and make it a great future.