Individual Counseling


It's about YOU!

Therapists are trained in a variety of ways and through different schools of thought. Although I am sensitive to a variety of perspectives, with individual counseling,
I primarily offer services as a Rational Emotive Behavior Therapist (REBT).  I strive to learn about and understand how you think about things (e.g., your values, upbringing, family structure, schooling, and religious influences, including what you've learned from friends, teachers, pastors, coaches, and key mentors).  I also explore how these cognitive influences have impacted your behavior and your mood as part of cognitive behavioral therapy. In order to serve your needs, I provide individual and couple's counseling for adolescents, teens, and adults of all ages. Although I am trained to offer a broad range of services, I have particular interest in helping patients with issues such as (but not limited to): 

Adjustment disorders

Anger management

Anxiety disorders  

       Generalized anxiety 

       Obsessive-compulsive disorder 

       Panic disorder 

       Performance anxiety


       Social anxiety 

       Life-style modification 

       Relaxation training 

       Stress and anger management


Grief and loss -including coping with bereavement after:

       Accidental or disaster death


       War or terrorism 

Insomnia and related sleep concerns

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

       (all types of trauma including combat      

       related, rape, sexual abuse, motor vehicle

       accident, etc)

 Self-esteem problems

 Stress reduction 

 Veteran's issues and concerns of veteran's family