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Are You Feeling Alone In Your Alternative Relationship?

Are you looking for nontraditional relationship counseling that will support your Polyamorous Partnerships, Open Marriage,  Swinging or alternative Lifestyle but are only finding normative couple/marriage counselors?

Perhaps you’re struggling with your relationship and want  Alternative Lifestyle counseling but you’re concerned that a traditional therapist will judge your preferred kink or BDSM lifestyle.

Or, perhaps you are interested in exploring consensual non-monogamy or polyamory, but don’t know where to start.

Have you discovered that you might be kinky, and you’re unsure how to communicate this with your partner?

Do you wish you could find a sex positive therapist who can support your unique journey of sexual discovery?

When you’re in an alternative relationship, finding a qualified counselor who understands and supports your non-normative lifestyle can be frustrating. Maybe you’ve felt unaccepted, shamed and even discriminated against for having a particular fetish or for having more than one partner.  You may have realized that you need the guidance of a counselor, but you’re worried that a therapist will judge or pressure you to conform to a normative relationship model. 

When you’re just beginning to explore your sexuality, discovering that you might be poly or kinky, it can feel isolating and confusing. When suppressed feelings build up, it can feel increasingly risky to come out of the closet. And, you may not know how to describe your feelings to your partner or friends. You may furthermore fear that your loved ones will not support you when you do.

Relationship Experience Challenges. 

If you are in or seeking to explore an alternative lifestyle, you are not alone. A study from 2014 estimates that approximately 9.8 million couples in the United States identify as practicing polyamory, polyfidelity, swinging or another form of ethical non-monogamy. The Journal of Sexual Medicine finds that kink and other sexual fantasies are also very common.

More and more, people of all gender identities are finding monogamous lifestyle frustrating for their desires or that vanilla sex isn’t really what turns them on. Whether the challenge is in learning how to have an open marriage in a way that works for all parties, to expanding your family to include a new live-in partner and their children; relationships are complex. Issues can arise no matter how many partners or the preferred type of sex. 

If you practice a specific kink, fetish or BDSM, you may experience unique relationship challenges, such as feeling alone in your preferences or how to carefully navigate and communicate your desires. Fortunately, with the guidance of a compassionate, sex positive therapist, you can feel more confident having those important conversations so that you can work through your problems and experience satisfaction in your romantic relationships. 

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