Individual/Relationship Coaching

Individual Coaching

Are you seeking more in your life? Do you need to jump-start your career, relationship, ditch old baggage you’ve carried for too long, or are you struggling to get through the overwhelming responsibilities that have become your everyday stressors? Are you trying to figure out how to get unstuck and live the life you desire? Together we will create balance in your life and work toward achieving your career and/or personal goals. We will help you let go of deeply rooted patterns and beliefs that no longer help or serve you and are keeping you stuck. We’ll show you options to create peace within yourself. Anything that stands in the way of feeling your best will be broken down and put in its proper perspective. As your Life Coach, we will help you see the changes you need to make in order to manifest what you are seeking, be more present in each life experience and live a happier and more fulfilled life!  

Relationship Coaching

Are you Seeking a Deeper Emotional and Physical Connection in your Relationship? Do you desire to share more Meaningful Conversations with your spouse or partner? Would you like less stress in your relationship? We can help you with those relationship goals. With Relationship Coaching, we work with couples and families to help strengthen bonds and make them stronger as they move forward in their relationship.   We will help you look forward to seeing one another as you value and appreciate the time you spend together. We teach you new ways of communication and productive ways to work through disagreements. Most importantly, we guide you and your partner on the ways to make your relationship a top priority, get back to making love more often and to bring back the exhilaration you felt when you first met.