Parental & Family



One of our favorite kinds of counseling is helping moms and dads find their sanity and sense of humor while raising children. We get it that parenting can be taxing and stressful beyond what we ever expected when we all dreamed of becoming parents. 

We work with parents of young children all the way through to parents of adult children who still want to have good family relationships that last a lifetime. Our hearts are happy when we get to help a parent yell less, stress less, nurture more and laugh more. We have raised 7 children and 35 foster children.  We have dealt with the raising of drug affected children, defiant children and teens, special needs children, and  endless types of other issues with children. 

We have learned some helpful solutions along our parenting journey, and it would be our joy to share some of them with you in the hope that it might help you parent with the love and grace that we believe is possible for all parents.