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A Husband & Wife team doing Marriage counseling with you as a couple.

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.

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Counseling We Provide

Couples Counseling


Whether the marriage counseling is to renew and awaken your love, repair a marriage that is weathering a storm, or help you through a new chapter of your relationship. We help you gain insight and rekindle bonds while teaching you healthy communication skills. 

Marriage Enrichment Workshops


We offer relationship enrichment classes such as Gottman's "the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work"  As well as romantic all-inclusive tropical therapy vacations. 

Career and Relationship Coaching


Let us help you move forward personally and/or professionally while strengthening your relationship issues. 

Power Weekends


“Power Weekends” are designed for people who must travel to be seen by a us, and/or for professional clients who have difficulty scheduling weekly sessions into their lives.    

Alternative Lifestyle Counseling


Are you looking for nontraditional relationship counseling that will support your alternative partnerships, but are only finding normative couples counselors or marriage counselors? 

Individuals Counseling


We work with individuals to strengthen self and gain a better understanding of one's purpose and well being. We help individuals move forward in their pursuit of happiness toward a healthier life.  

Parental & Family Support


Our Couples and Family Therapists help individuals and couples of all ages deal with family and parenting issues that can arise during all walks of life. We work with you to lessen the stress and help you to endeavor one of the most difficult and important jobs in your life.  

Gottman Leader


As a Gottman Leader, we offer "the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" workshops and seminars. Check out our calendar of events for upcoming dates. 

Meet us

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Hi! We are Shane and Michelle. We work as a couple in the room with you in couples counseling. Let us introduce ourselves.


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